Symbol indicates target achived Achieved     Symbol indicates target partially achived Partially achieved     Symbol indicates target not achived Did not achieve   
10% reduction from 2015 in Total Recordable Incident (TRI)* rate (target of 1.28) Target achieved Despite challenges, we have achieved record health and safety performance. With a 2016 TRI rate of 1.18, we beat our target (1.28) by 7%.
10% reduction of the average value from 2014 to 2015 in the rate of incidents resulting in Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Duty (DART)** Target achieved
With a 2016 DART rate of 0.23, we beat our target (0.62) by 63%. This year’s rate is a significant accomplishment, representing a 56% reduction since 2015.
Launch our partnership with Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Burkina Faso, and Canadian Company Cowater Target partially achieved The “Eau et croissance economique durable au Sahel” project – also known as the Triangle d’eau project – was officially launched in February 2016 in partnership with the Government of Canada and Cowater International. The project expanded in 2017 with the inclusion of One Drop as a donor and implementation partner.
Advance Local Procurement practices across our operations Target partially achieved Both Essakane and Rosebel made significant progress on establishing strong dialogue with local suppliers, adjusting internal procurement procedures, facilitating greater market access and finding appropriate partners to build capacity throughout the local supply chain. Work to formalize local procurement programs across operations continued.
Achieve a minimum Towards Sutainable Mining (TSM)*** Level A for all TSM indicators Target achieved In 2016, our three operating mines, Westwood, Essakane and Rosebel, met or exceeded a Level A ranking in their results across all of the six protocols of TSM: Aboriginal and community outreach, crisis management, safety and health, tailings management, biodiversity conservation management, and energy and greenhouse gas emissions management.
Maximize identified opportunities to reduce energy use and improve efficiency Target partially achieved We have advanced negotiations with partners to construct and operationalize a solar/diesel plant in our Essakane operations. Construction of the plant began in mid-2017; commissioning is expected by December 2017.
Advance mine reclamation and closure planning at our operations and legacy sites Target achieved Updated closure plans were submitted to the Quebec Government for approval in September 2016.
Complete environmental assessments for the Côté Gold Project in northern Ontario Target achieved Environmental Assessments were completed and approved by the Government of Ontario in December 2016 and by the federal government in April 2016.
Coordinate global conference for IAMGOLD's global Health, Safety, and Sustainability team and further define company-wide priorities and associated action plans Target achieved IAMGOLD re-started its annual Health, Safety and Sustainability team meetings with an initial session in November 2016. A number of priorities were identified including updating our Sustainability standards, guidelines and procedures to support implementation of our existing Sustainability Policy.

* The TRI (Total Recordable Incident) rate reflects injuries and illnesses resulting in DART plus all medical cases excluding first aid.

** DART (Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Duty) reflects injuries and illnesses resulting in days away, restricted duty or job transfer.

*** TSM (Towards Sustainable Mining) refers to a set of mandatory protocols for responsible mining developed by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) for its membership. As members of MAC, we adhere to the TSM protocols and standards.

10% reduction from 2016 in Total Recordable Incident (TRI)* rate (target of 1.06)
10% reduction of the average value from 2015 and 2016 in the rate of incidents resulting in Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Duty (DART)** rate (target of 0.35)
Advance use of solar energy in Essakane by commisioning and operationalizing the solar plant
Initiate the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in Saramacca in parallel to the closure plan update in Rosebel
Commence Environmental Effects Review and start permitting in support of the Côté Gold Project in Ontario
Finalize approval for Westwood and Doyon closure and rehabilitation plans
Update Sustainability and Health & Safety policy and initiate implementation action plan
Achieve a minimum Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM)*** Level A for all TSM indicators